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Why Release My Online Business Strategy To The Masses?

2010 May 21

That is actually a really interesting question isn’t it?

I could ask myself the same question.  If My Online Business Strategy was so successful and I was making 6 figures from it, why in the Sam Hill Dickens would I want to release the cat out of the bag?  It takes a mighty big person to do that doesn’t it?

Instead of writing out the answer, here is a video:

  • Introducing the master mind behind the soon to be released making money online system for affiliate marketers.
  • Introducing my own video testimony telling you why Gary wants to share his personal, and once secret system with other affiliate marketers.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this video :)

As it said in the video, My Online Business Strategy WILL:

  • Be The Big Internet Guru’s Biggest NIGHTMARE!
  • Be Unprecedented in nature, and
  • Be Laser Focused for all affiliate marketers, ESPECIALLY brand new affiliate marketers

Why You Might Ask?

Simply put, Gary was and still is just like many of us common affiliate and internet marketers.  He completely understands the 2 Golden Rules for making money online and how they pertain to the new affiliate marketer.

  1. You must identify your target audience’s problems, and
  2. You have the perfect solution that quickly fixes that problem

The Problems:

  • The big Internet Marketing gurus create products that keep unsuspected marketers tethered to a fishing line
  • Unlike Gary’s My Online Business Strategy system, the big guru’s marketing systems are incomplete, leave out very important steps (but you don’t realize it), sometimes too technical in nature (ex: you need to be a web designer), and don’t have effective or any customer support (they don’t want the gaps).

Therefore, you get frustrated, lose focus, but then buy the next latest and greatest product from the same Internet Marketer.  And end up right back where you started from.  NO FREAKING WHERE!! :(

You never can make money online because you have to keep throwing money away, building up debt, on products that promise everything but deliver NOTHING!

Now Gary absorbed George Brown’s Google Sniper and became the best and most successful Google Sniper worldwide.  Then he developed My Online Business Strategy from scratch using what he learned from Google Sniper and other marketing methods he tested and created and now earns over:

6 Figures Annually from MOBS Alone!

The Solution:

The solution is, quite simply, MOBS itself.

So How Does MOBS Answer The Affiliate Marketers Problems?

  • It is a full, complete system for internet marketers on how to make money online with no gaps
  • It outlines every step from A – Z.  Nothing is missing.
  • Gary explains ALL THE SECRETS that the big Internet Marketing GURUS DON’T TELL YOU!
  • The My Online Business Strategy system is NOT TOO TECHNICAL.  It’s so easy a baby could do it.
  • You do not have to become an HTML or CSS guru. At all……………
  • It will offer 24 hour LIVE Customer Support.
  • System is “laser focused” for the new affiliate marketer, and
  • Gary is not using this system to string you along for the next big product……
  • Gary’s goal is for MOBS to be the primary system for making money online.

Well, that is about it.   Hope you enjoyed the video and stop laughing at my country Southern accent!  :)   These folks up here in the Pacific NW don’t know how to take me yet….Lol

I am now using Gary’s system as part of My Online Business Strategy and will soon fill you in on how the testing is going for me.

Stay tuned and have a great week!

Your good friend…..Doug

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  1. July 27, 2010

    My Online Business Strategy
    is a promising marketing devised system to generate an income for Masses from selling one of those so called ways to make big money online. In other words Gary Gregory put this system together from his proven methods. He did not create a system simply to sell so he could make money selling it. Gary is proud to call his package, My Online Business Strategy because it is exactly what it says it is on the tin.

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