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My Online Business Strategy | The Stone Cold Facts!

2010 August 16

Hi everyone….Doug here,

I’ve recently received a few emails asking great questions about Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy online business system.  With Gary priming to release this phenomenal system to the public very soon now, I think this is a good time to re-address the stone cold facts.

To really stay up to date on news, be sure to grab my MOBS Pre Launch Video Tutorials. As a MOBS insider, you will know the new facts from here first!


  • Less than $100
  • Compared to other systems that DON’T work, the benefits, the support, and the effectiveness of My Online Business Strategy, a price under $100 is an absolute steal.  When I know the EXACT price you will see it here first.


  • Get this!  24 Hour LIVE on the phone or available by email immediate support!
  • This is 100% something you don’t get with other broken online business systems.  Actually you get no responses usually, and completely forgotten.

The Community

  • Gary has hand picked a select a great group of charter MOBSters to get a head start on using the MOBS online business system.
  • The purpose of the charter group is to understand the system inside and out.  And be the initial members of a support community to help new MOBSters with the system, if any is necessary.
  • No other system to make money online comes with such a support group.  You will be provided information on how to get in touch with the My Online Business Strategy community.

[caption id="attachment_272" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Gary Gregory"]My Online Business Strategy[/caption]

Who Is Gary Gregory?

  • Quite simply, an experienced and successful online business owner.
  • The MOBS creator who devoted 2 years to developing and perfecting this system.
  • Someone who earns a 6 figure annual income, JUST from MOBS alone.
  • A Google Sniper coach and creator of the Google Sniper Keywords Report
  • The most successful Google Sniper user in history.  Who has created hundreds of sites that make an additional 6 figure income from Sniper sites alone.
  • Someone who is “sick and tired” of the scam artist internet marketers.  Whose only goal is to “push” a flawed, hyped up fad of a product, only to quit quickly and move on to the next “Big” marketing product.
  • An online mentor to so many.
  • And a friend…..Not only to his coaching students but to all internet and affiliate marketers everywhere.  This is why he wants to release the My Online Business Strategy system.

How Long Will My Online Business Strategy Be Available To The Public?

  • Gary promises the product, the LIVE support, and the help community will be available forever!
  • The product was developed as a LONG TERM online business solution.
  • Gary is “proud” of MOBS and wants it to be the system of choice and success for all online marketers.

Will MOBS cost me ALOT of money after I buy it?

  • Absolutely NOT!
  • All the tools you will use to build your MOBS sites are FREE!
  • See my My Online Business Strategy Pre-Launch Video Tutorials for yourself to view some of the free tools.
  • NO Upsells!
  • No Monthly Memberships or Subscriptions
  • No Re-curring costs that you might forget to cancel.
  • NO hidden costs or fees
  • NO expensive add ons.
  • Pay 1 Price and DONE!

Is MOBS Easy to Use and Understand?

  • MOBS is extremely simple to use and understand.
  • It is a “Complete” system, end to end
  • Not too technical in nature
  • The process is very comprehensive but easy to follow so you won’t suffer from information overload.  The instructions are very detailed and provides you Steps A – Z without 1 single step missing.

Can I Really Use This System By Itself for My Online Business?

  • The My Online Business Strategy system is built to be a stand alone, complete system.
  • It is also designed to be the “only” online business system  you will need for your business.

Is MOBS Just Another Scam, Get Rick Quick Product That Does Not Work?

  • NO! MOBS is a genuine, “real”, effective, thorough, productive, efficient and complete business system.
  • An entire Business Plan went behind creating the My Online Business Strategy process.  And Gary’s success proves it!
  • Gary is a real and genuine person.  And he is a “perfectionist”  With those attributes, you will only get the BEST!

Will It Work?

  • Check out My Online Business Strategy testing results from my beta testing and see for yourself.
  • And stayed tuned for additional testing updates.

What is one of the aspects of MOBS you like best?

  • Gary will donate a portion of the proceeds from each MOBS purchase to Spirit Quilts.
  • Spirit Quilts is a non profit charity that makes quilts, chair covers, etc for those who are less fortunate, very sick, or ill.
  • Spirit Quilts is owned by Gary’s wife and is a wonderful charity that gives back to the community.

There you have it everyone.  An updated summary of what the My Online Business Strategy system is all about!

Again, sign up for the MOBS Pre-Launch Video Tutorials and get prepared to hit the ground running come launch day!  Coming Soon!

And for more fantastic and exclusive MOBS news, go check out Gary’s My Online Business Strategy News site.

Thanks everyone and will post another update soon!

Your friend…….Doug

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