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My Online Business Strategy | Testing Update

2010 June 16

Update! My Online Business Strategy Testing Experience

Hi everyone..Doug here,

I apologize for the LOUD headline….sorry……..But wanted to make sure you were aware that this post is to bring you up to date on my actual testing experience so far of Gary Gregory’s revolutionary My Online Business Strategy online business system for making money online.

JUST A REMINDER! This site is the ONLY place you will find hands on information from someone who is actually building MOBS sites prior to it being released to the public, so this is pure hands on, exclusive information you won’t find anywhere else. :)

Ok, firstly, I want to provide you with some cold hard facts about My Online Business Strategy that I’ve learned from my testing of this system so far:

  • It is completely UNIQUE!  MOBS is different from anything I’ve ever seen or used before to make money online.  It is NOT, I repeat, NOT somebody else’s system, taken, re-hashed, and re-packaged into something else with a new name.    My Online Business Strategy is totally Gary Gregory’s creation.
  • The sites are EASY to setup and the process is extremely EASY to follow and understand.  You do NOT have to learn difficult HTML or CSS to build the sites or use expensive,  technical software, such as Dreamweaver or Joomla to build a website. Your sites use Wordpress as it’s foundation.   But Gary will fully explain any technical details that might stump you at first.
  • It is POWERFUL!.  When I say powerful, I’m talking about how the My Online Business Strategy site building process itself is formulated to push your site up Google’s rankings FAST! Before the word “backlink” ever enters your mind.  I am going to present you with some hard data about the Google rankings later in this post…………………….
  • All FREE resources!  All of the added resources and extra tools you need for a MOBS site will be completely FREE.  This includes what you will use for keyword research, getting content for your site, site theme, site cosmetics, etc.  You do NOT have to go buy some expensive keyword research tool with a monthly subscription in order to find the right keywords.


To date I am about 3/4 complete with my first My Online Business Strategy site and about a 1/4 way through a 2nd MOBS site.  My aim is to learn the following:

  1. How long it takes to build a 2nd site after learning the process through the 1st site.
  2. How soon the sites get ranked within the 1st 10 pages of Google
  3. How the Google rankings changed as I added more content
  4. When the sites make it to the 1st page of Google
  5. When the sites rank in the top 5 of Google (not #1, being realistic here)
  6. When the FIRST SALE occurs!  :)

Just to name a few………………..

I purposely:

  • Chose a hard, more saturated niche for the 1st MOBS site.  With a much higher number of competing websites.
  • Chose an easier, less saturated niche for the 2nd site.  With a lower number of competing websites.
  • Added more content daily – IMPORTANT!!!!!
  • No backlinking at all, except 4 or 5 social bookmarks to get the site indexed

All of the results I am seeing so far comes directly from the first My Online Business Strategy website that is using the harder, much tougher niche to crack.  I am still not far enough into the 2nd site to provide you any accurate data yet but will update when I do.  Also, will provide better insight later in a site to site speed and ranking comparison once I get more content on the 2nd MOBS site.

So far with my first MOBS site:

  • My initial publish included focus on 2 keywords with 2 posts of content plus Contact, Privacy, etc to give Google good content for the spider to crawl.
  • Day 2 – 4….Google ranking was no where to be found :(
  • Day 5….The domain name was ranked 87th for [Exact] keyword according to my “Rank Checker” tool. 125th with Broad keyword phrase
  • Keep adding more content and additional keywords to focus on.
  • Day 6 – 11….Google ranking goes between 8 – 64 for [Exact] main domain URL keyword phrase and 16 – 103 for Broad keyword phrase
  • Day 12 MILESTONE – Main domain URL [Exact] keyword phrase hit #5 and Broad Phrase ranks #8

Still NO SALE but to achieve that kind of result in 12 days in Google with NO backlinking in a hard niche is pretty darn good in my book.

I am going to keep adding content to the 1st My Online Business Strategy website until it’s 100% complete and then set a new starting point to see how the ranking standsand how it finally lands with a finished site and no backlinks.

I am also going to spend more time on the 2nd site to compare how it ranks being in that it is in an easier niche with less competing websites.

Here are a couple of images of the Rank Checker tool as proof.  Guys, I needed to remove some sensitive info before posting this.  Don’t want to “give away the ghost” as they say prior to Gary’s launch!

My Online Business StrategyMy Online Business Strategy

Now……………………………………REALITY CHECK!!

What I would like for you to understand  is that the My Online Business Strategy is a full, complete, comprehensive, step by step, and detailed system for making money online.  It is a high quality, full process that will take work, diligence, effort, work ethic, and most of all PATIENCE and FOCUS!  When I say the word EASY, I am strictly talking about the MOBS process itself.  But, you must know that My Online Business Strategy is:

  • NOT a get rich quick scheme.
  • NOT a magic pill for getting rich overnight
  • NOT the lottery
  • NOT filled with outrageous and crazy promises of riches and becoming a Google Dominator in 2 days

MOBS is a system Gary Gregory has proven will work if YOU put the effort in to make it work.  He is gracious enough to provide all of us this fantastic system for starting an online business. You have to treat it like a job and do this yourself.  This isn’t like a grade school project where we once could get our parents to do it for us. :)   But with hard work, comes great rewards!

In the mean time, if you have any questions at all about MOBS, please feel free to Contact Me


Join the MOBS discussion here at the Warrior Forum

I will update you more later on how the testing is going.  But right now, I have 2 words about Gary’s My Online Business Strategy system.


See you soon!  Your friend……..Doug

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  1. June 16, 2010

    Hey Doug,

    Fantastic post!

    Thank you for all you are doing in supporting M.O.B.S.!

  2. Jeff permalink
    June 17, 2010

    Hey, this system really looks great and I’m looking forward to reading more about it. Gary is a great guy that always has helped me out when I’ve asked for help.

    In regards to your sites, are you using the exact keyword in the URL or can this system work for niche related keywords? As in if you’re trying to rank for a 5 word phrase, you wouldn’t want a really long domain, correct?

  3. Doug permalink*
    June 18, 2010

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for commenting. Yes, Gary is absolutely one of the nicest, most sincere guys you could know. And his experience working online is unbeatable. Truly a one of a kind person.

    To answer your question………
    Yes, the exact focus keyword of your niche is in the domain URL. But you can use this system for niche related keywords also that help drive power to the keyword in the domain but those niche related keywords also help boost each other in the Google rankings. It’s not like Google Sniper where you try to rank very high or #1 for just 1 keyword, then depending on competition you may have to do a lot of off page SEO. You can literally have a field day with a MOBS site which should increase your earning potential multiple times over compared to a Sniper site. But keep in mind Gary had created and was using MOBS way before Google Sniper ever existed. But he did learn some great things from Google Sniper that perfected his MOBS system and made it even better.

    Thanks for dropping by Jeff. Hope to see you around again sometime!~~ Doug

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