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My Online Business Strategy | An Honest and Full Review

2010 October 21

My Online Business Strategy – For Those Who Want To Quit Their Day Job!

My Online Business Strategy – “An Online Business System So Powerful You Can Make Sales Before Your Web Sites Are Ever Finished”

Welcome to M.O.B.S – An “Honest” and “Ethical”  system so “Revolutionary”, the buzz on the Internet has literally been “unprecedented” ………….

Hey everyone, Doug here……

I want to wish you a warm welcome to my FULL and UNCENSORED review of Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system for making money online. Before I dive into the review, I just want to ask you one thing……are you looking for an HONEST review by someone who has actually USED the M.O.B.S system?

If the answer to that question is YES, then you have arrived at the right place!  I have actually built and seen results from My Online Business Strategy websites.    And my goal is to provide you ACCURATE and IN DEPTH information based on someone who has actually used the system.

To re-emphasize, I am providing to you a REVIEW about My Online Business Strategy.

What Is My Online Business Strategy?

My Online Business Strategy is an online marketing system that is the “brainchild” of , Gary Gregory, who is one of the most remarkable internet marketers I have had the pleasure of knowing. To learn more about this “world class” guy…Click Here To Learn More About Gary!

M.O.B.S is a FULL online business marketing system comprised of simple, yet very effective white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) processes that yields Gary, a 6 figure annual income alone!  Why has the My Online Business Strategy worked so well for Gary?

For over a 2 year period, Gary has experimented and tweaked his overall My Online Business Strategy processes and arranged them in effective steps so that his M.O.B.S. websites:

  • DOMINATE Google Rankings easily!
  • Experience TREMENDOUS amounts of search TRAFFIC from pure “organic” searches.
  • Require MINIMAL off page SEO (Note:  You will have to do some off page SEO.  But not even CLOSE to the amount other people have to do with LESS effective systems)

In a nutshell, that is all My Online Business Strategy really is.  A tried and true, thoroughly tested set of processes designed in a very simple system for creating Search Engine dominating websites.  Of which can potentially make you “BOATLOADS” of money with “TONS” of FREE traffic.  Plain and Simple!

Please note above, I quoted “potentially”.  In my personal experience using Gary’s system, I learned M.O.B.S is this!  M.O.B.S is NOT:

  • A “get rich quick scheme”
  • A system that yields “false promises” or results “to good to be true” or outright “lies”
  • A system with missing gaps that leave you hanging with questions the creator or support won’t answer
  • A scam type product that is broken
  • A system for those who “don’t want to put in the effort”

Please re-read the above statement in red.  I learned that My Online Business Strategy is a “real” and “ethical” internet marketing system WAY BEYOND ANY other type of make money online system I’ve ever tried! And “yes” George, I love ya man but that includes Google Sniper!

SO, I will be honest and tell you this now!  Based on my personal experience, if you don’t feel like putting forth the “effort” and “work ethic” into using the M.O.B.S system, you might as well leave this page right now!

And go back to using the “scammy”, “broken” systems that promise you “sudden” riches and Internet “domination” with little to, no effort.  From the results I’ve seen, I think you will find yourself coming back to “My Online Business Strategy”

Yes! Give Me My Online Business Strategy Now!

My Online Business Strategy

My Experience Creating My Online Business Strategy Websites

If you have had an opportunity to follow my website here, I have made a few posts regarding my M.O.B.S website testing and the results I was getting from that work.

As I made progress constructing the My Online Business Strategy beta test websites, in a nutshell, here is what I experienced that might help you in deciding if this system is for you.

  • The websites are very “NON-TECHNICAL” to setup.  So EASY and SIMPLE, in fact,  a complete Internet “newbie” can setup a M.O.B.S website in a matter of minutes.
  • You do NOT have to be an “expert” in the niche (topic) you build your M.O.B.S sites around
  • I only had to use “FREE” tools to build a M.O.B.S websites.  Only pennies to sign up for a webhosting company and register a domain. (<–Necessary costs of doing business) No more costs involved!
  • A My Online Business Strategy website CAN and WILL rank very high “Quickly” with “minimal” off page SEO, or backlinking
  • Can realistically start “earning money” while the site is still under construction

Ease Of Use - I am actually NOT a technical kind of person.  My background is “accounting” and liberal arts so anything related to building websites is NOT my cup of tea.  But Gary simplified the way of creating the backbone of a M.O.B.S website by using Wordpress.  Once you set up your first Wordpress M.O.B.S site, you will have already become an expert and can do more sites in a matter of minutes.  Wordpress is “that” simple folks!  I was able to setup my 2 My Online Business Strategy websites in less than 30 minutes tops! That included registering my domain name too.

But you ask, Wordpress is a blogging platform.  How will people come to trust what you say in a “blog” to buy what you are marketing.  Ah, that is where Gary instructs you to make some brilliant changes.  Whereby, you use some very easy HTML “tricks” to make the blog, look just like a regular website!  But NO WORRIES! The little bit of HTML you have to tweak is all spelled out for you in the M.O.B.S material and very simple!

Niche (Topic) Expertise – The 2 M.O.B.S sites I built marketed products I had absolutely “no clue” about before building the sites.  One dealt with “Women’s Health” issues and I’m certainly not a woman. :)   But Gary teaches you the perfect solutions that you can use to create content for your site on any product or topic possible. I learned I did not have to be a perfect writer, nor did I ever come up with writer’s block when thinking about what to say on my sites. The My Online Business Strategy methods of creating website content are easy, very specific, perfect for those who have a hard time putting thoughts into words.

FREE Tools – Another huge advantage I found was that all of the tools Gary suggests for building a M.O.B.S website are 100% FREE.  The object here is to make the “most money” at minimal costs.  I certainly didn’t have a lot of money to spend on building a website.  But no worries here!  There are FREE tools to do your niche and keyword research, tools to build the M.O.B.S sites from, FREE tools for creating site content just to name a few.  So site creation won’t cost much of anything except for webhosting service and registering your domain (which is IMPOSSIBLE to get around, but dirt cheap to do)

M.O.B.S. Site RankingAs you will see from my “beta” test updates, the My Online Business Strategy processes result in a website that is VERY, VERY powerful when it comes to ranking in the Search Engines.  Gary’s system fuels its power just off pure on page SEO techniques and content alone. I followed Gary’s instruction for on page SEO and structuring website content to the “letter”.  And you want to talk about RESULTS? My first site ranked as high as #3 for it’s keyword in a matter of 2 WEEKS! With NO off page SEO or backlinking techniques applied.  What does this mean?  FASTER RANKING = MORE TRAFFIC = QUICKER SALES!

FAST SALESUsing the My Online Business Strategy system can “possibly” having you earning money BEFORE you ever finish a M.O.B.S site.  And that is exactly what I experienced.  To read more, Click Here To Read My First Sale

Now, in all honest, I left my beta test site in it’s current stage when the sale was made to see if Gary’s claim of making “Work In Process” sales was true.  I had not worked on the site for a few weeks.  In Gary’s case, he has produced proof that he has made sales on unfinished M.O.B.S sites while under construction on a day to day basis.  Now, that is really TRUE POWER! But yes, this result is totally possible using the My Online Business Strategy system.

Click Here To Get Your Copy Of M.O.B.S

What Do You Get With My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business StrategyIn this portion of my review, I wanted to briefly explain what you will be getting with your My Online Business Strategy material.  I actually built my M.O.B.S. sites BEFORE Gary ever provided me documented instructions.  But I have had a chance to review the materials to provide you some details here.

With M.O.B.S, you will receive a My Online Business Strategy Manual Guide that will set “new” standards when it comes to instruction guides.  Here’s how:

  • A precisely detailed step-by-step, A to Z set of instructions for you to follow
  • There are NO gaps in explaining how M.O.B.S works.  NONE!
  • Gary explains the system in “layman’s” term.  Very easy to followVery easy to understand!
  • The manual is strategically structured and the content very organized
  • Gary formatted the sections so that the previous section was an immediate pre-requisite to the next section.  Making it much, much easier to understand My Online Business Strategy and see the big picture
  • Very “newbie” friendly

The My Online Business Strategy Manual Guide is broken down into 9 Well Organized Chapters:

Chapter 1 – Niche & Keyword Research – You learn the basics of the 2 most important aspects of building an effective M.O.B.S website.  And learn about the FREE tools you will use to find your niches and keywords.  Guys, if you ever read Gary’s Google Sniper Keyword Research Report and loved it, this section is pure GOLD for learning how to choose the proper keywords that will earn you HUGE amounts of money!

Chapter 2 – Building the “Foundation” of Your M.O.B.S site – learn the basic of choosing domains and all you need to know about Wordpress, plugins, themes, etc.

Chapter 3 – Content – A beautifully written Chapter that teaches you how to write effective “killer” sales content without you having to be an expert about your M.O.B.S site topic.  This Chapter can’t be overlooked!

Chapter 4Preparing your My Online Business Strategy website for the Search Engines – All about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and preparing your site structure to conquer the Search Engines.

Chapter 5 – Affiliate Links – learn the basics of affiliate links, cloaking, calls to action, etc.

Chapter 6 – How to create you M.O.B.S. site – Step By Step – this is where you learn how to turn a “blog” into a “real” looking website!

Chapter 7 – M.O.B.S. Extras – how to get your My Online Business Strategy site indexed FAST, building a list, using video, backlinking, etc.  Some really “COOL” stuff in this chapter!

Chapter 8 – Outsourcing – Very advanced topic.  To be used ONLY after you have started making money with your M.O.B.S websites.

Chapter 9 – Learn how to make a Full Time Income with M.O.B.S – This is a CAN’T MISS Chapter.  Gary teaches you exactly what you need to know here to kick your day job to the curb and tell your old boss goodbye! :)

My Online Business Strategy


You will also receive 3 nicely done tutorial videos with personal instruction from Gary.

These 3 videos were created to provide to you extra emphasis and visual support for some of the more important aspects of learning the My Online Business Strategy system.

Also, there were a few, sudden, and unexpected events to occur after the My Online Business Strategy Manual Guide was made final.  Gary teaches you in the guide how to properly use what is “now” the old version of the Google Keyword Research Tool.  Well, Google has developed a NEW Keyword Research tool and has removed the old version from existence.  Up until a few days ago, you could access “both” versions.  With the “old version” being the better tool in my opinion.

However, Gary was awesome to create a video tutorial on the the proper use of the “NEW” Google Keyword Research Tool with the My Online Business Strategy system.

I should also tell you that Gary will product a video tutorial on ANY aspect of the M.O.B.S system if you feel one would help you better understand his system.

M.O.B.S Customer Support

As part of my review, I did not want to forget a vital part of the My Online Business Strategy system that I personally feel will BREAK GROUND and set UNPRECEDENTED trends in the world of make money online systems.  In comparison to other internet marketing products I’ve purchased, the CUSTOMER SUPPORT aspect of M.O.B.S. will be the talk of the industry.

Customer Support

One of the biggest frustrations with phony and scam type internet marketing products touted by the so-called “gurus” is their “Customer Support” feature, or lack thereof.

I will say this!  If you know Gary, you know he is a people person.  He does not believe in putting out for sale, a “bogus” product, with his name attached,  that touts “wild claims” only to make a buck.  Gary wants to support you!  He has become successful in Internet Marketing.  His goal now is to help “others” achieve the same success he has.  Hence, the reason behind releasing My Online Business Strategy.

Gary does not want you, the consumer of his system, to be forgotten after you purchase M.O.B.S.  So he has created a “World Class” Customer Support function to help you with ANY problems you might have with his system!  My Online Business Strategy customer support will consist of the following:

  • A 24 hour LIVE toll free phone number to call and speak to a “real” person.  The best part is Gary himself will MAN the line “at times”.  So there is a real possiblity you will get to talk to the creator of M.O.B.S :)   How many make money online systems have you had that opportunity?
  • A M.O.B.S Support Forum staffed by an industry leading SEO Expert and a Lead Trainer recognized as a top Business and Personal Development Expert who has personally worked with many large business corporations and online businesses.  The Forum will also be comprised of several M.O.B.S Staff Experts who will be there to assist you with ANY aspect of the My Online Business Strategy system.
  • A M.O.B.S. Blog where Gary will be posting M.O.B.S updates and info and talk about various “Help” topics dictated by you, the consumer.

So, as you can see, Gary has pulled out all the stops to help you as much as he possibly can to be successful with the M.O.B.S system.  I will admit, I will be part of the M.O.B.S Forum Support staff and I do personally know the other members of that staff.  Gary has assembled a fantastic group of people who will be there to help you succeed!

Spirit Quilts

Another aspect of My Online Business Strategy that is truly unique is it’s charitable aspect.  Gary is going to contribute 25% of the NET PROFIT from M.O.B.S sales to a wonderful charity run by his wife, JayaMae, called Spirit Quilts

Spirit Quilts makes homemade quilts and provides them to members of the community who are very sick or less fortunate in their needs.  This group also has a fantastic kids program where children help with making quilts.  Then they provide those quilts to other peers their age who are not as fortunate as they or very sick.

I have NEVER seen any internet marketing product make such a “heartfelt” gesture.  This shows the kind of person Gary Gregory is.  Not only will M.O.B.S be there to possibly help you success with your online business. But it will exist to help others who need the help and the warmth.

Read The Spirit Quilt Guestbook to see how lives are being touched!

So, now is My Online Business Strategy the perfect fit for you?

My Final Conclusion

In all honestly, Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system is NOT PERFECT! As with all online marketing systems it does have it’s flaws and does overlook some other well known internet marketing strategies that could make it ever better. But at the end of the day, Gary’s M.O.B.S system is well-refined, simple to use,  and perfected to the point, that anyone can make it the ONLY foundation of their online business.

I hope at this point, you understand what you will receive with the M.O.B. S. system.  But please understand this………

As simple and easy as it was to create my websites, I had to put the time, effort, and work into it.  M.O.B.S will only be as successful as the effort you put into it.  My Online Business Strategy is NOT the lottery and it’s not something it’s made out to be based on claims of sudden riches, fame and false promises.

Expect to work with My Online Business Strategy.  Treat it like a full-time job just as you would an off line brick and mortar job.

But know this!  If you put the time and effort into this system.  And do exactly what Gary instructs you to do.  You CAN be as or more successful than Gary Gregory!  Making more money than you ever imagined!

Once you do the work and your site starts raking in the CASH, then you are at the point where you NEVER have to touch that M.O.B.S website again.  All the while, it generates you LARGE sums of INCOME on a daily basis on complete AUTO PILOT.

“My Online Business Strategy is  a breakthrough system that teaches ALL you need to know about building effective websites which can generate LARGE amounts of income fast!”

I feel really blessed and fortunate to have been able to experience My Online Business Strategy for myself in order to give you this review.  I have already made the important decision to make building M.O.B.S website the center and “focus” of my online business. 

I hope My Online Business Strategy review was very helpful to you!  And remember, there is no reason to fail with M.O.B.S if you follow Gary’s instructions, step-by-step.

To Your Success,


Go Here To Get Your Copy Of My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business Strategy

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