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Gary Gregory |My Mentor and the Ultimate MOBSter

2010 May 12

Hi again everyone, it’s Doug here……

As I put this site together, I know the ultimate goal is to tell you all about Gary Gregory’s upcoming My Online Business Strategy system. But more importantly, I felt you would like to know more about, the ultimate MOBster himself, Mr. Gary Gregory.

[caption id="attachment_30" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Gary Gregory"]Gary Gregory[/caption]

Gary is widely known in the Affiliate Marketing world as the #1 Master Super Affiliate for George Brown’s Google Sniper system. He is the most successful Google Sniper to date and a personal friend of George Brown. He has built hundreds of Sniper sites and learned how to perfect the process George originally introduced.  In the end, Gary was and still is so successful with Google Sniper, George enlisted Gary as the one on one official trainer of his system.

My Online Business Strategy includes implementing the Google Sniper system.  During that process, I could see that if I wanted to succeed at being a Google Sniper, I frankly needed Gary’s help.  And was not ashamed to ask.  A bit nervous maybe but not bashful about it.

Here is what I learned about Gary as a trainer, a fellow internet marketer, but most of all as a person.

In quick summary, Gary:

  • Is one of us, the common affiliate marketer
  • Understands what its like to be a new affiliate marketer, what goes through our minds, what decisions we consider, and what we face on a day to day basis
  • Knew how to tweak my online business strategy so that it would thrive and realize successes.
  • Understands what it’s like to struggle as an internet marketer.  But he also knows how to focus, persevere and realize HUGE successes through hard work
  • Knows how to motivate.  And pat his students on the back for a job well done.  But lift your spirits and steer you in the right direction, when your marketing efforts are not where you hoped.
  • Will support you, cover your back, and make absolutely 100% sure that you will succeed as an affiliate marketer.

“Gary Gregory is someone you want as your wingman.  But he is the type of person who will stand in the trenches and be there for you as you fight your battle to become an online success.” – Doug T.

But throughout my time as one of Gary’s students, I am glad to say he has become a personal friend of mine.

Gary helped me take my online business strategy and not only perfect it through Google Sniper but also make it the foundation of an overall successful online entrepreneurship.  That is what you get with Gary’s training.  Not just here is how you do this or that.  But how to mold it and mesh it into the beginning of an overall business plan so to speak.

I will say this, Gary Gregory is a really cool, sincere, and personable individual. He has the new affiliate marketer at heart.  Gary is humbled, not only by his own successes, but that George Brown thought enough of him to carry Google Sniper through to the top.  That is saying something folks.

Personally, My Online Business Strategy is now reaping rewards, not only from the Google Sniper techniques Gary taught me, but from the psychological aspects I learned from him.  How to stay focused, how to be patient, and how to keep my head up.

I know this was a bit long but Gary Gregory created his system for the new affiliate marketer. A straightforward, A – Z process that covers everything with no stone left unturned.

Stay tuned.  My next post will be more about why Gary created the My Online Business Strategy system.

Have a fantastic evening…talk to you soon

Your friend, Doug

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