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Free MOBS Bonuses

My Online Business Strategy

**Announcing! – The “Join The MOB” Contest**

** Get Contest Details at the bottom of this page NOW!!**

I personally want to thank each and everyone one of you for visiting my website.  As a heartfelt thanks, I wanted to be sure to give you guys some of the “BEST” FREE My Online Business Strategy Bonuses you can get anywhere.  My goal is to make sure they help you become successful with your online business and achieve great rewards!  So now, please read the following important information on how you can receive your FREE Bonuses:

**Important****Please Read Below****Important**

In order to receive your 3 FREE Amazing M.O.B.S Bonuses, you MUST do the following:

  • Purchase your copy of My Online Business Strategy (M.O.B.S.) from my website
  • Email/Forward to me your Clickbank Receipt or Receipt # to ==>

OPTIONAL: Complete the Form in Bonus #2 to receive future Advanced M.O.B.S. Video Tutorials and My Online Business FREE Updates, Info, and Discounts/Coupons. This will NOT, I repeat NOT be used as “SPAM”

I will then email you Access to  your FREE Bonuses! :)

Bonus #1

My “Exclusive” One On One Face-To-Face Interview with Gary Gregory

The Creator Of My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business Strategy

I can promise you my website is the “ONLY” place you will get such an “exclusive”,  “cool” and “unique” Bonus.  Meet Gary Gregory, the creator of M.O.B.S.  And learn more about the online marketing system he is launching to the public.  Get to meet Gary in a relaxed setting as we discuss M.O.B.S and why it will help change YOUR life!  Plus, you can meet me too but  forget about me.  ;) Enjoy this great interview with Gary! :)


Bonus: #2

“Exclusive” M.O.B.S “Community College”

Video Tutorial Series

“Exclusive”, Comprehensive and detailed set of video tutorials that complement the M.O.B.S Instruction Manual you will get with your order.  Aptly named M.O.B.S Community College, there is a video tutorial that matches the M.O.B.S Guide:

Chapter by Chapter, Section By Section!

Watch as we build a M.O.B.S website from scratch.  Beginning to End! Understand Basic AND Advanced M.O.B.S techniques!

This Is The ENTIRE M.O.B.S Instruction Manual in a video tutorial series!

***A FREE Bonus Un-matched Anywhere!***

My Online Business Strategy


With your initial Bonus Package, you will get the first (1st) series of BEGINNER M.O.B.S Community College Video Tutorials.  This will help you get started with the My Online Business Strategy system.

  • After you have had M.O.B.S. for a few days and understand the “basics”, I will forward you additional Video Updates on the more ADVANCED Video Tutorials.  This will help prevent information overload.

Advanced Videos Cannot Be Missed! Integral to Your M.O.B.S. Success!

  • I will also forward you “cool” Discounts/Coupons to help you “save” money on Web Hosting and Domain Registration Cost.  As well as My Online Business Strategy system Updates, Info, News that I feel will help you become successful with M.O.B.S.


To Receive Your FREE Updates and Advanced Video Topics You

MUST sign up to get on the Notification List!

The Notification List will NOT be used as a device for “SPAM”.  I hate “SPAM” too!

Sign Up To The M.O.B.S College

Notification List To Receive Future Video

Tutorials and M.O.B.S System Updates


Bonus: #3

“FREE” Entry To Select M.O.B.S. Mega Community

Training Webinars

Hosted By: Mr. Wayne Dobson ==> The “Official” #1 M.O.B.S. Trainer, hand picked by Gary Gregory

I have personally arranged with Wayne, an opportunity for you to access “FREE”, anyone of his “outstanding” webinars.

Wayne is a “one of a kind” individual who has achieved milestones in life that many of us dream about.  He is a leader and trainer in business and personal development.  And he has worked with many large company’s and corporations “all over the world” at developing business and personal relationship skills.

Wayne’s webinars are NOT to be missed.  He will teach you important skill sets that you will apply in conjunction with My Online Business Strategy, your online business in general, and for life itself.

For more information about Wayne, you can visit ==>

My Online Business Strategy

How Will This Work?

  • You submit your Clickbank Receipt # to ==>
  • In the email I send with your bonus material, there will be a unique “Access Code”
  • You email the access code to Wayne’s email address and he will send you the next “30 Day Schedule” for you to sign up for 1 of his excellent webinars.

So, don’t pass up this “Awesome” opportunity to tune in with such a fantastic individual and coach!


CLICK HERE! To Get Your Copy Of M.O.B.S

My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business Strategy


*******Announcing! – The “Join The MOB” Contest*******

**Begins: October 21, 2010 at 12:00PM EST!!**

By purchasing M.O.B.S. from my website “ONLY”, you are automatically entered in my “Join The M.O.B.” Contest!  Endorsed by Gary Gregory himself, I am doing this contest as a “thank you” to all of you who stopped by my website to learn about My Online Business Strategy and purchase your copy here!

Eligibility: You must do these 2 things:

  • Buy your copy of My Online Business Strategy from my website!  To do so ===>CLICK HERE
  • Email me your Clickbank Receipt # to confirm your M.O.B.S Purchase to ===>

REMEMBER!: If you DO NOT do both of those steps.  You will NOT QUALIFY for the contest!

How Long Will The Contest Run?

  • The Contest begins October 21, 2010 at 12:00PM EST
  • And Ends November 30, 2010 at 12:00PM EST

How Does It Work?

Quite simple!  All you have to do is participate in the simple actions below and you earn contest entries!  The more contest entries you have, the better your chances are of winning!  At the end of the contest, I will combine all of the entries you earned in a pool and select the winners!  So read the rest of this post and “Have Fun”!

REMEMBER! Contest starts October 21, 2010 at 12:00PM EST

Any attempts at entries BEFORE that time will NOT COUNT!! :)

Earn entries as follows:

  • 100 entries by following my Internet Marketing profile on Facebook  Click Here ===>
  • 100 entries by following me on Twitter  Click Here ===>
  • 50 entries by visiting and Facebook “Liking” my “Strategic Internet Marketing Solutions” website.  Here I periodically update awesome internet marketing solutions and strategies to help you achieve success with your online business.  Click Here ===>
  • 25 entries for “Liking” the My Online Business Strategy (M.O.B.S) Group page on Facebook.  Click Here ===>
  • 6 entries for every My Online Business Strategy (M.O.B.S.) post on Facebook you “Like” that I post from my Facebook profile
  • 4 entries for every My Online Business Strategy (M.O.B.S.) Tweet you “re-tweet” from my Twitter posts.


  • 25 entries for emailing me your Facebook and Twitter profile “NAME” ONLY!  (I need to have a way to differentiate between you guys) ;) Email me at:


Grand Prize – 1 FREE Roundtrip Flight on Delta Airlines

Anywhere Delta Flies in the world!

My Online Business Strategy

**NOTE ** (You MUST take your flight by December 30, 2011.  And inform me of your trip itinerary no less than 3 months prior to taking your planned trip.  I have to give the Delta representatives enough notice.  Delta’s rules!  Not mine!) :)

2nd Prize – **New** 8GB IPod Nano w/ Multi-Touch

My Online Business Strategy

3rd Prize – $100 “Cold”Hard CASH!

My Online Business Strategy

Remember: Contest begins October 21, 2010 at 12:00PM EST ONLY!

Contest Ends:  November 30, 2010 at 12:00pm EST!!

**Good Luck!  and Have Fun!**

100% Unique, Exclusive, and One of a Kind Set of FREE Bonuses!!

To Get Your FREE Bonuses – Grab Your Copy of MOBS From My Website!

Here is what makes these bonuses very unique!

  1. I am a charter MOBS member.  And the only MOBSster online who has built MOBS sites prior to launch and can provide Bonus material that will complement  your My Online Business Strategy material.
  2. The bonuses were created personally by me.  These are not Private Label Rights (PLR) materials bought, re-worked, and re-sold under another name like you will get from most other reviewers.

“So Come Back Now, Ya Here?” :)

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  1. RJ Smith permalink
    October 18, 2010

    I’m just a sittin and a waitin Doug. Can’t wait to finally make my FIRST DOLLAR online, after only 6 years of struggling! I’ll be RIGHT HERE at 12 noon…SHARP!!! Cheerzz….RJ

  2. Doug permalink*
    October 18, 2010

    Hi RJ,
    Glad you are excited about M.O.B.S! You will make your 1st $ online soon enough with this system. Remember! Just do the work that is required and sales will come in due course.
    And hope you have been conducting your keyword research to be prepared!

    See you on Thursday!



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