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Beta Testing Update | MOBS Has Made A Sale!

2010 September 8

Hello everyone….Doug here,

I wanted to take just a moment to fill you in on the most exciting My Online Business Strategy beta testing update yet!  One of my MOBS sites has made a sale!  But here is the best part.

The Site Is Still Work In Process and Not Complete!

Now, how about them apples?

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I think thrilled is an understatement.  More like ECSTATIC might fit how it feels to see this result from a MOBS test site! A site yet UNFINISHED!

What I have done with the site so far is put together alot of content according to Gary’s instructions.  You will see these same instructions in the My Online Business Strategy material you will get with the system.

Then I stopped at a point to see where the site would rank for the main domain keyword.  But here is the kicker.  I have NOT done any off page SEONO BACKLINKS whatsoever except for the 5 or 6 to social bookmarks to get the site ranked.  Again, this is something Gary will show you how to do in the MOBS material.

Please do not misunderstand.  When you are building MOBS sites for real (and I will continue with mine and make money from it), you will have to do some off page SEO.  Like Gary said, the My Online Business Strategy system is no magic pill of immediate riches in 1 millisecond, like other make money online systems make you believe they are.  But doing the work as Gary will outline for you, will have your My Online Business Strategy websites making you tons of money!  Enough to tell your boss at work where to shove it!  :)

Now, here is the powerful engine behind the MOBS system.  This system is structured in such a way that using the right keywords and the content alone will be a HUGE factor in allowing your site to rank high in Google in the beginning.  Notice I didn’t say #1.  That would be impossible without doing at least some off page SEO.

My Online Business StrategyCurrently, with out any off page SEO to speak off my beta test MOBS site is ranking #11 for the main domain keyword in a “Broad” search.  And ranking #14 in an “Exact” search.

Now, I had to protect the innocent and not “give up the ghost” as they say by erasing out the website URL’s of the My Online Business Strategy  and Google Sniper sites.  But these are actual results.  I will also do a video for this post if you are still a bit skeptical.

This is a fantastic result having only done one quarter of the total content that you will do on a MOBS website.  With no backlinking. Plus my site is in a relatively difficult health niche.

My Online Business StrategyNow, I will have to admit I had not looked at my Clickbank stats for my My Online Business Strategy sites in a few days.  I have 2 Clickbank accounts setup.  One for my Sniper sites and now a 2nd to track my MOBS websites. When I checked my Clickbank account for my MOBS ID and saw the sale, I had to make a double take to see if I was in the right account….LOL

But as you can see, the sale was made on Sept. 1 for $26.98.

Also, do NOT be alarmed at the $0.  Remember, I only have 2 unfinished MOBS beta test sites with no off page SEO done to them.  When you implement the full My Online Business Strategy system, you will see results like Gary Gregory sees everyday.  And that is lots of sales!

Well everyone, that about wraps things up for this post.

But I did want to show you that what Gary promised me would happen, did happen.  You can actually realize a sale with the My Online Business Strategy make money online system before you ever completely finish the website from beginning to end.

Just think of what your sales potential could be on a completely and 100% finished MOBS site fully optimized and ranking at #1 in Google.

Here is a quick video I put together that shows you more about scoring this exciting sale from the beta site.

Click Here To Get Your Very Own Copy Of My Online Business Strategy

I am getting very excited about the soon to be release of My Online Business Strategy.  And I hope you are too!

Just one other thing before I go. There is another website created by MOBS creator Gary Gregory, that provides up to the minute news and updates regarding MOBS.  I recommend you check it out and the link to that site is right here at MOBSNews.

Gotta run folks!  Will be posting another update here soon!

Your friend……….Doug

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