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About Me

Hi everyone, for those wondering who I am…my name is Doug Taylor.

And I am an addicted affiliate marketer!….Kind of sounds like an AA meeting doesn’t it? :P

I want to personally welcome you to my website about My Online Business Strategy.  As a fellow, internet affiliate marketer I am very happy you took the time to come here.  And it’s my pleasure to share my affiliate marketing experiences with others about how to make money online…..

But first, I would like to really quick, tell you a little more about who I am……………….

[caption id="attachment_11" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Doug Taylor"]Doug Taylor[/caption]

One day I up and did a crazy thing!  I told my wife that someway somehow, I wanted us to retire early to enjoy life in our mid years and just live life.

Who doesn’t want to retire early to enjoy life ? We only live once folks!

We both love to travel but are unable to due to jobs that keep us locked down and a weakening economy that has slammed our pocketbooks. It was getting impossible to put anything away for retirement, plus we want to raise money to adopt a baby as we cannot have any of our own. She looked at me, rolled her eyes and told me to keep dreaming and looked at me like I was some dingbat.

Well, that did it.  I was going to show her!  You don’t insult my manhood like that…  :P

I enjoy messing around on the computer so I started looking around to learn how to make money online.  Or if it was even possible.

I joined a few internet and affiliate forums and did a bunch of lurking at first.  I was flabbergasted at all of the many ways to go about marketing online.  And was getting lost in the many opinions of how to do it and what to do. My brain started to fry with all of the conflicting information about the many methods I didn’t understand.  PPC, CPC, Adsense, Nonsense, SEO, UFO, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!  What the hell?

Out of sheer desperation,  I tried some internet marketing products recommended by forum members.  Oh I was going to be rich tomorrow and the next big Super Duper guru according to them if I used their tried and true system…………..

Who has heard that before?  Sound familiar?

Well it wasn’t quite working out that way.  All of these so called gurus’ methods just re-hashed other guru’s methods with a bit of a twist.  I’d have preferred a twist of lime in my margarita after the mess I was creating for myself.

And they seemed to be leaving stuff out.  Not telling you the whole story or giving you every step you needed to know in order to succeed online.  Some methods were so dang techie, you needed to learn HTML, CSS  and become the next web design engineer professor at MIT just to get a site up.  And the gurus made you think the techie stuff was a piece of cake!

Their goal!  To keep you coming back for more and more and more! To line their pocketbooks of course!

What did this do to me?  I spent more money out of my pocket for making money products that did not live up to the hype . All the while, putting a further dent in my pocketbook.

Does any of this ring a bell folks? I had pretty much given up.

But I started using a system called Google Sniper.  Ever heard of it?  What I noticed in George Brown was not the same slimy crap other “gurus” slammed you with.  But a kid who actually figures out a marketing system that provides you a well written and detailed method.  Along that journey, I read in the Warrior Forum about this fellow named Gary Gregory!  And the rest is history folks!

“Gary Gregory Changed My Life”

[caption id="attachment_12" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Gary Gregory"]Gary Gregory[/caption]

You may know Gary as the #1 Master Super Affiliate of the Google Sniper system. Old “Sensei” Gary they call him..Lol.  I read about this guy and took a huge risk as a last resort.  If this didn’t work, I was going to admit my lost manhood to my wife!

I contacted Gary and simply asked for help.  Gary was kind enough to respond and he took the time to listen and understand my beginner level affiliate marketing experience.

As I grew to know Gary, I learned that he and I had many similarities regarding our past job careers and internet marketing journey.  And just like you now, we all started somewhere and was once lost in the abyss.

But the most notable thing I picked up about Gary………He was in this business now to help people like you and me.  He had put in the time, struggles, and efforts of learning Google Sniper and had become a huge success.  Now, his day is made when he learns that one of his students is achieving success from what he has taught them.  That in itself is what makes Gary, not only a great teacher, but a great person.

Gary lended me a hand when I needed it most. He took the time to perfect my Google Sniping skills and guess what?  I started to see success.  Not mega millions lottery winning success.  But small successes!  That started to improve over time if I did what he instructed me to.  That is the reality people.  And Gary will tell you the truth!

I am proud to day that Gary Gregory is my mentor and a good friend who believed in my capabilities and drive when I was about to throw my hands up.

Now, I am deeply humbled…….

That Gary has believed in me and witnessed my successes from his online marketing instruction to include me in the development and testing of……………………..

My Online Business Strategy

My Online Business Strategy is Gary’s personal system for achieving internet and affiliate marketing success.  It is a perfected Google Sniping system that he taught me and many of his other Sniping students.  It is geared to the new affiliate marketer newbie who is frustrated at wasting their money and time on the crap systems’ sold by internet marketing “gurus” whose promises come up short.

The best part?  It works! Nothing is left out, nothing is left to the imagination, you won’t be waiting for the next sequel of Star Wars 30 years later to finally hit the jackpot.  You will have everything you need with Gary’s system.  Google Sniper worked for all of us and Gary’s system of perfecting that is working for all of his students.

Gary has allowed me to be one of his “guinea pigs” of the My Online Business Strategy system.

I have been allowed to post updates on how testing is going and provide some information on what Gary’s system is all about.

As we get closer to launch date, I will be informing you of important milestones and expected dates to be on lookout for.

So stay tuned!  My Online Business Strategy is coming to a computer near  you sometime……..

In Summer of 2010!

Until then, I hope to see you soon and I hope you enjoy visiting my site. By all means, please email me if you have any questions or comments.

Best Regards,


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