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A Surprising But Fantastic MOBS Update!

2010 June 18

Hi everyone…..Doug here,

I did not plan to post an update on My Online Business Strategy website so soon.  But I thought for those following developments closely about Gary Gregory’s MOBS system for making money online, this announcement warranted immediate communication.

Today is Day 14 since I started putting together my first MOBS site to test.  And I have not put up any more content on the site since my last post 2 days ago.  I decided to let it sit for a bit while I caught up on some other things.

I decided to check the sites Google ranking early this evening and to my shock and surprise it is:

Ranking #3 on Google’s 1st Page


  • Haven’t touched the site in 2 days
  • The site has existed for only 14 days
  • The site is still yet unfinished,
  • But most of all, I have NOT done any off page SEO.  None, 0, Nada, Zero………….

That is not to say I won’t have to do some later but so far Gary’s My Online Business Strategy method is holding it’s own for my focus keyword, in a hard niche.  To say I am STOKED and EXCITED about this result is probably an understatement!

Here is a screen shot of the Page Ranker from this evening.  Again, I blocked out most of the details on the ranker.  I don’t want to “give up the ghost” about My Online Business Strategy prior to Gary’s launch but this is a legitimate screen shot of the actual results.  The site is ranking #3 for both the Broad and [Exact] keyword phrase.My Online Business Strategy

So far I am very impressed with what I am seeing so far.  Gary indicated before I ever started on this site that  I would see the power in the engine behind his system and he was telling the truth.

The really neat part about My Online Business Strategy is that I legitimately have an opportunity to make a sale from this site before it’s ever finished.

My aim this weekend is to build some more content using Gary’s instructions to see if I can push this sucker to #1 and see what happens after that.

My Online Business Strategy is a really fun system.  And I have enjoyed every bit of putting the first site together and seeing the results should drive your adrenaline to keep at it.

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Have a great weekend everybody and talk to you soon!

Your friend….Doug

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  1. June 18, 2010

    Thanks for keeping us updated Doug. I just clicked over from Twitter. Only new to social media but Gary Gregory has taught me well :-)

    Really looking forward to the launch. I’ll be one of the first in line and I’ve told heaps of ppl here in Perth Australia all about Gary and his fantastic coaching ability. He truly rocks.

    Regards from sunny Perth


  2. Doug permalink*
    June 22, 2010

    Hi Patricia,

    The launch of MOBS will be incredible based on some of the feedback I’m hearing. Very nice you have told people in Perth about Gary. He is one of the best online marketing trainers I’ve ever come across and we are all very lucky to have been his students. His MOBS system is the REAL DEAL from what I’m seeing!
    Keep spreading the word down in Australia. Good to hear from you and stay tuned. The launch is in August 2010.

    Best Regards,


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